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After my first GPAA trip to Nome, AK, in 1996, I definitely caught a severe case of gold fever.  The following two years I went to Nome as a crewmember for the summer duration.  Since then, Georgia, California, Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina have met me and my pan, drywasher, highbanker, or metal detector.  Along the way, I have discovered great people, beautiful gold, gold, gold, and the best in old time prospecting reproductions, pewter, and jewelry.  Hope you'll take a look at my finds and see something that catches your fancy.
See you in gold country,

(LDMA #174039; GPAA #174039; AAMD # 0619)
Plaza Towers Coin & Jewelry, est. 1986, specializing in coin and nugget jewelry, is very excited to offer our newest find in Nugget Mike's Prospector's Cache.  To compliment Nuggetmike's collection, we have created a one ounce .999 fine silver Englehard Prospector round set in an assortment of sterling silver bezels with sterling silver chains.  Now everyone can show their love of prospecting by owning a piece of this rich American history at an affordable price.  As always, we at Plaza Towers Coin & Jewelry take pride in selecting only the finest makers of gold and silver jewelry products for our creations, insuring heirloom quality jewelry for generations to come.
Deborah Fay
Plaza Towers Coin & Jewelry
Springfield, MO  65809
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